Metaverse company Trace Network Labs unveils refreshing new website

Trace Network Labs, a complete decentralised protocol for enabling multi-chain, cross chain handling of lifestyle for metaverses, has unveiled a refreshing new look of its website. The new website reflects the company’s vision to pioneer metaverse technologies for fashion and lifestyle powered by blockchain and web 3.0, it said in a social media post.

Trace Network Labs features products like Pariz, Staking, Buddy and Metastack.

Pariz is a fashion and lifestyle metaverse with experiences built on multichain to deliver an immersive and real experience of shopping and collaboration. Staking offers multiple staking pools for users to earn high APRs for their staked Trace token. Buddy enables real human-like Web3 native avatars to be agnostic to multiple metaverses. And Metastack is a complete suite of techstack enabling businesses to launch their metaverse as standalone experience or a part of Pariz.

Trace brings a complete suite for enterprises to launch metaverse experiences related to business like internal/external gated collaboration, shopping etc. The digital human civilisation is being enabled by Trace Buddies. Trace Buddy Avatar NFTs are web 3.0 native, real human-like avatars usable in different metaverses on multiple chains. Its shopping experience in metaverse has a promising future for both digital and phygital products, the company said on its new website.

“Trace Network Lab’s vision is to be a de facto gateway for lifestyle brands to launch a new set of limited-edition lifestyle and fashion products made for our real looking digital avatars to move across multiple chains and metaverses. We have been working for over 12 years in the enterprise technology space helping global fashion companies to acquire and implement technology. We wanted people to look good in the metaverse, and with simple vision started Trace Network Labs. Rest, we have an experienced team in blockchain who are helping to create the perfect marriage of the fashion world for metaverse with blockchain via NFTs,” Sunil Arora, co-founder of Trace Network Labs, told Fibre2Fashion in an exclusive interview.

The company was started in India, has its offices in five countries, and sells its products in over 30 countries.

Fibre2Fashion News Desk (KD)