Asian fashion brand set to sell clothing on Color Star’s metaverse

US’ entertainment technology company Color Star Technology Co Ltd has announced that Asian fashion brand Unbounded Human will officially begin selling its clothing on its ColorWorld Metaverse platform.

Color World is a metaverse platform featuring artificial intelligence and celebrity entertainment that has more than one million users worldwide, according to a press release by Color Star.

Focused on the oriental style, Unbounded Human not only aspires to expand globally but also has its eyes on the future developments of Color World. The fashion brand will become the first of its kind on the platform.

As the brand continues to mature, its focus is now on the metaverse commerce era. To businesses, this means that Color World will bring its own traffic to them.

“The metaverse is the inevitable direction of development for digital commerce. Our metaverse platform is not only an entertainment technology platform, but also a platform that can bring profit to enterprises, and it is very important to generate value as it allows us to grow even more. Metaverse commerce will always rely on user traffic, so we will continue to improve the variety and novelty of software features for the benefit of companies and users alike. We will continue to collect feedbacks to improve the user experience. The metaverse commerce era has arrived, and what we want to do is to make users want to spend more time in Color World. New business partners are always welcome, you can contact Color Star by email if you are interested in doing so,” CEO of Color Star Farhan Qadir said in the release.

The cooperation agreement was agreed previously, and the Color Star team has since designed and built the fashion brand a headquarter in the metaverse ready with product displays. Meanwhile, Color World will assist by promoting brands on the platform and by creating a big space in the market for brands and enterprises.

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